Dallas Alloy Wheel Straightening

Dallas Alloy Wheel Straightening

ARS Wheel Repair can straighten aluminum and alloy rims up to 26" in diameter. The turn around time is typically 24 hours.

For your convenience, you may drop your car off with us at our customer care center, or drop off the wheel as well. If you dropped off the wheel and would like us to mount the straightened wheel back on your car when you come to pick up your repaired wheel, we will do so at no additional charge!

We use a variety of hydraulic machines and tools during our repair process to straighten bent wheels. During the 1st phase of wheel straightening, we take out large bends and can bring the wheel within .020 in. of roundness. The 2nd phase of wheel straightening is used to make small adjustments to bring the wheel to near perfect roundness. The 3rd and final phase will remove lateral bends and bends to the face of the wheel.

After the wheel straightening and repair process is complete, the tire is remounted and rebalanced.

What Can Alloy Wheel Straightening Do For You and Your Vehicle?

There are a few main reasons to have a wheel straightened. The primary reason is safety! When the driver feel vibrations in the steering wheel when driving, especially at faster speeds, the steering and vehicle can become unstable and hard to control. Another huge potential issue would be that your wheel could be losing air. When driving in an under-inflated tire, this could lead to a blow out and sudden loss of control and possibly forcing you to pull over in a high traffic area. Having a bent wheel is not just a cosmetic repair.. it's a necessary repair, to keep you and your family safe!

Each of our qualified technicians take special care to ensure that your wheels are straightened to meet your expectations.

For the most professional and quality alloy wheel straightening in Dallas, you need to turn to the experts at ARS Wheel Repair. Contact our company now by calling us at (972) 290-0408 to transform your wheels today!


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Alloy Straightening

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