Dallas Rim Refinishing

Dallas Rim Refinishing

Accidents happen, and on Dallas roads and side streets, more often than not, you are going to get your rims scratched, damaged, and possibly cracked. Don't despair! With ARS Wheel Repair, we specialize in Dallas Rim Refinishing! ARS Wheel Repair uses a specialized system for Dallas rim refinishing to effectively "erase" any damage on your wheel without the use of non-metallic or superficial fillers. There are cases when the rim damage needs to be filled with an aluminum TIG weld, which provides the strongest method of repair and reinforcement to maintain the structural integrity of the rim and wheel.

Based on the type of wheel you need to have repaired and refinished, we will go over the merits of whether painting or powder coating your wheel is the best option to go with.

During the wheel repair and Dallas Rim Refinishing process, the old finish, in most cases, would be removed, to expose the alloy surface, where we can refinish the wheels from bare metal. If the wheels are new and the damage in relatively superficial, our technicians will sand and smoothed out by hand, and then a paint color match will be done. ARS Wheel Repair can match any color paint to your original OEM or aftermarket wheel. Wheel manufacturers do not typically release the color codes of their paint used for their wheels, however, we professionally match and then do a custom mix for the paint used for certain jobs that require it.

When ARS Wheel Repair goes through the painting or powder coating process, the wheel being refinished is layered with a base coat and then the actual color is applied over the base, along with adhesive promoters, in between coatings.

When we determine that the color is exact and the new Dallas Rim Refinishing process is dust free, ARS adds a final clear coat to the top layer, that protects the refinished wheel and gives the wheel that factory look. ARS uses a urethane based clear or powder clear coat and is actually "baked" onto your refinished rim, giving it a super strong wheel finish.

Why Choose ARS, When You Need Dallas Rim Refinishing?

It is important that you hire a reputable company that is committed to supplying you with the professional and reputable service you deserve. When you use ARS Wheel Repair, your wheels will look sleek and shiny.

Each of our qualified technicians take special care to ensure that your wheels are refinished to your expectations. We use the best tools and have the right training to ensure that you will be satisfied with the results. We will make sure that you no longer have scratches, missing pieces or damage before completing the refinishing process. The turn around time is typically 24 hours. For your convenience, you may drop your car off with us at our customer care center, or drop off the wheel as well. If you dropped off the wheel and would like us to mount the straightened wheel back on your car when you come to pick up your repaired wheel, we will do so at no additional charge!

For the most professional and quality wheel Dallas Rim Refinishing, you need to turn to the experts at ARS Wheel Repair. Contact ARS Wheel Repair now by calling us at (972) 290-0408 to transform your wheels today!


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Lexus Dallas Rim Refinishing - Before Lexus Dallas Rim Refinishing - After

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